Melanoma of the Foot and Ankle

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Precisely what is Malignant Melanoma?
Melanoma is a cancer that originates in the cells of the skin that generate pigmentation.

Cancer in the Foot
Cancer that develops in the foot or ankle generally gets unnoticed throughout its initial stages, when it would be more easily remedied. When cancer of the foot or ankle is discovered, it frequently has developed to an advanced phase, which ends up resulting in fatalities. That is why it is of the utmost importance to emphasize preventative methods and early detection.

Most cases of cancer are the result of too much exposure to ultraviolet rays. This exposure usually include high amounts of  UV radiation exposure during shortened time frames or even small amounts of over extended periods.

Anyone can be afflicted with melanoma yet there are those of us who are more susceptible than others.

  • Pale skin – especially pale skin which has freckles as well as those with paler skin
  • who are also of blond or red hair.
  • Afflicted with blistering sunburns as a youth.
  • Those who have a multitude of moles

“Melanoma is known to occur anywhere on the epidermis, and although more likely in places with prolonged exposure to the sun, it can still occur in parts of the body which have not been exposed to UV rays.” Dr Suresh – Naperville Foot Specialist

To properly diagnose cancer of the foot and ankle your local podiatrist or Romeoville foot doctor or a foot and ankle specialists will ask several questions. Some of which would entail ascertaining:
Is this spot recent? Have their been any changes in the size or color of the spot?

The Foot care specialist will also study to determine if a proper a biopsy is called for. If said biopsy is conducted and melanoma is found, a plan for treatment will be discussed.
Early detection and prevention is the best method to stop melanoma.

If you see any of the early signs of foot cancers through your own methods of detection or from your local foot doctor, do not panic and stay strong through your treatment. Your resource for Chicago area podiatry.